Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic ExerciseAs Physical Therapists, we believe strongly that exercise is a key component to full recovery for nearly every one of our patients. They key is that these exercises must be individualized and specific to each patient’s needs and goals. Often, these exercises become your home exercise program, and your full participation with them is critical to your success in eliminating symptoms and achieving your goals. That being said, you won’t find our patients getting pre-printed handouts with a dozen exercises on them. On average, our patients have 2-4 key exercises they are responsible for doing as part of their home exercise program at any one time. These typically require zero or minimal equipment to do, and are often changing frequently as the patient improves over subsequent treatment sessions. Many of these exercises fall into the categories of neuromuscular facilitation--the ability to initiate the right muscles at the right time with proper strength and endurance-- and motor control (the ability to effectively produce coordinated postural and movement strategies. One of the main goals of our PT’s is to demonstrate to patients how and why the exercises they are being given are going to help them, if done regularly over time. In this way, we foster our patients to be independent in their own care and management of their injury or problem, vs. being dependent on a clinician for ongoing care long-term.

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