Manual Therapy

Manual TherapyWe are known for advanced manual therapy, or hands-on treatment techniques. Based on our evaluation, we identify mobility limitations within the joints, soft tissues, viscera and neurovascular tissues. Limited mobility in these structures can impair a patient's function and ability to automatically and efficiently control our activities of daily living. Much of our manual therapy is based on Functional Manual Therapy®, an integrated evaluation and treatment system that promotes optimum human performance by enhancing total body mobility, as well as postural and movement strategies. Perhaps the best part of this system is that is seamlessly blends evaluation and treatment, combining the mobility treatment with Neuromuscular Re-education— (using the correct muscles at the right time with the necessary strength and endurance).

In addition to the many manual basesd therapies we provide, we also utilize a myofascial decompression technique commonly referred to as "cupping".  This is a strategy that can assist in mobility of scar tissue development following injury and surgery.  It can also provide relief in commonly overused muscles from pain and dysfunction that occur with repetitive activity and prolonged posture.

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