Body In Balance patients are pleased with their care from our physical therapists! Here's what they have to say:

I have seen Adam for the last 5 years for my cervical spine problems including a herniation. All I can say is Adam got to the root cause of my problems and not only has he figured out why my neck hurt but has given me a plan to stay ahead of my neck pain. He has been a life changer as I no longer have to manage my life around my pain. Thank you Adam!


I don't often write reviews, but I do when I receive extraordinary care.  I've been seeing Catherine for over a year.  It started with a general condition that ran the length of my body on the right side then was complicated by a rather severe injury to my rotator cuff, also on the right side.  Throughout, Catherine has demonstrated the highest level of knowledge and skill.  She even has the self-confidence to check in with a colleague to discuss other strategies.

Complementing her knowledge and skill is her overall compassion.  She is a caring person with an uncanny sense of how to motivate in just the right way.  When I see how hard she works to bring me relief, I am truly motivated  to work even harder to carry forward her work.  I feel fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time and to have Catherine as my PT.  Catherine, thank you for all you have done to help me return to a person that delights in life.


I’ve worked with Erin for two different rehab efforts. Both were for a knee replacement and the results have been better than expected. Erin is very positive and encouraging, her knowledge is incredible and she is always open to trying something new to help my progress.


I have had migraine issues for 15+ years stemming from neck and shoulder issues. I have tried chiropractic, massage, PT, trigger point injections, yoga, meds. I was at my worst low with the inability to workout without triggering a migraine. I couldn't even throw a ball to my son. Body in Balance has been a game changer for me! Catherine is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and you can tell she really enjoys her career. She is so thorough and really helps to also educate you on her treatment and your body. It's the 1st time I don't feel that I am just another patient rotating through her door (get em in, generic treatment, take their money, and get em out!). I have had more improvement with her treatment in the last year than I have had with any other avenue I've explored in the last 15 years!


I had some issues with my right shoulder after a workout. Pain on movement persisted for weeks. I was hoping surgery wasn’t needed. So, I decided to visit Body In Balance PT at the WAC in Brookfield. Erin did a thorough assessment and went to work on my shoulder. Over several visits my shoulder got better. She provided great guidance with stretches and exercises. Now, my shoulder is back to normal.


After working 13 years as a floor nurse on a ortho/neuro unit and then 4 years as a hospice nurse, all the heavy lifting eventually took a toll on my body.  After retiring, I ended up with incredible stiffness and pain in both hamstrings.  It was hard to even bend over or pick anything up from the floor.  I went to a physiatrist, had MRI's, went for PT at another facility, tried a chiropractor, all to no avail.  No one could figure out my problem and nothing was improving.  After finding out I had extreme tendinosis in both hamstrings, my doctor's office referred me to Catherine at Body in Balance, and I cannot say enough good things about her.  She first listened to really gain an understanding of what I was experiencing.  Then she began to treat me with dry needling, deep massage, stretching and strengthening exercises which I kept up with at home and I finally began to see results.  Catherine is very experienced, takes continuing education classes to stay current in her practice, builds confidence in you and goes the extra mile to help you succeed.  You can also tell that she really cares and is passionate about her career.  I have made so much progress since I began seeing her.  She is the only one that was able to help me and I would go back to her in a heartbeat if I ever have a need for PT again.  I will recommend her to everyone I know who needs physical therapy!


Adam, improved my life dramatically.  His initial evaluation discovered a need for orthotics.  He made a cast of my feet and had some shoe inserts made.  This helped eliminate my lower leg and back pain.  His expertise in dry needling has helped me repeatedly over the years.   He is a valuable resource. 


I had the pleasure of working with Erin at Body In Balance PT due to a hip injury. She is amazing, patient, and extremely knowledgeable . Each therapy session was done to achieve the goals we talked about . I highly recommended them should you need any form of treatment! 




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