With Spring weather arriving and days getting longer, possibly getting outside for a run has crossed your mind.  Maybe you've been out with a watch and pair of running shoes, or maybe you remembered the last time you tried to run and decided not to give it a try again this year.  Whether you are looking to break your PR or maybe just run pain free, you may find a few tips here to help make your next run a success.

Efficiency is key when looking to improve your fastest time.  Have you payed attention to what your arms are doing as each foot hits the ground?  How is your trunk controlling or responding to the impact of your foot hitting the ground?

Have you had previous injuries that lurk preventing you from ever being able to progress past a few miles of running?  Or maybe they keep you from running all together.

Several questions to consider for introducing change into your rountine:

What is your running cadence?

Do you strike the ground with your heel or mid to forefoot?

How many miles have you run in your current shoes?

Are your shoes built for improved stability or with increased cushioning?

Certain aspects of your training should be tailored to fit you as an individual-- especially if you are dealing with chronic injury.  For example, overstriding can be a fault that drives dysfunction at the ankle, knee or hip.  Sometimes correcting this can take excessive load and strain off your joints and muscles and result in a less painful, more efficient run.

Many common Issues, such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, knee pain, and calf or hamstring pain can be resolved with subtle changes such as this if given some time for your body to adapt.

Often times these issues are due to weakness or biomechanical issues which can be identified with a running gait analysis.

If you are interested in finding out where you can make changes either to prevent your recurring injuries or to break your PR, the physical therapists at Body in Balance Physical Therapy can help.  They will take you through a based on your individual needs video running analysis and help you figure out your next move, whether this means a slight modification in your gait pattern or strengthening a weakness that is driving your injury.  Stop by or clinic or give us at call at 262-369-7941 to set up an appointment.

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