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Physical Therapy Evaluation

Our treatment is based on a thorough biomechanical evaluation. We assess not only the symptomatic spot, but look at the entire region. This allows us to not only treat the symptoms, but to find the root cause of the symptoms.

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Manual Therapy

Hands-on soft tissue and joint mobilization to treat underlying structural limitations, restoring maximum, efficient movement.

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Therapeutic Exercise

Individualized, corrective exercises specific to your problem. These often become a Home Exercise Program, and are crucial to your full recovery.

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Patient Education

This is an ongoing component of your care.  Through education on efficient posture, movement, or lifting techniques, you become an active participant in your recovery.

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Therapeutic Modalities

Utilized in a complementary manner to your treatment.  Including Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation, Iontophoresis, Traction

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Other Services

Pilates, Custom Biomechanical Orthotics,  Sport Specific Training

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